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s t i l l e m u s i k
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about stillemusik
stillemusik is a new work by musician donato wharton.

the 6 tracks contained in the app
about the music
the pieces can be listened to individually or as a group. titles and durations are intentionally not given. everything is left to the imagination of the listener.
about the software
the app is software specifically designed for the music it contains. the app’s function is to eliminate screen-based distraction and instead offer empty space when the music is played back. in this way, the app intervenes in computer-based daily habits and forms a listening situation that is specific to this music.
the work is the music and the software together.
about the artist–listener relationship
stillemusik proposes an exchange of the perceived and the imaginary between artist and listener.
i am interested in the imaginary possibilities that lie within the discrepancies of perception.
in the descriptions of music there exists an imaginary music.
in the stillemusik project i am asking you, my listener, to respond in language to the music i have offered. your perception – your descriptions, imaginations, associations and thoughts – will differ from what i hear in the music. then, i as the artist will make new music that is influenced by the descriptions of the initial music offered by you as the listener. in this way, your descriptions will become the source of a new imaginary music, which i will then make, and offer you again... and then the loop can re-start.
to receive access to download the app and listen to the music, please email stillemusik@stillemusik.net requesting a username and password. you will receive download instructions together with a request to email a text containing your descriptions, imaginations, associations and thoughts triggered by listening to the music in return.